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Nuatech provides managed services and IT support for accountants, ranging from on-site and remote support to hardware provision, cloud computing services and consultancy. Whatever the specific requirements, we have the right mix of solutions for accountancy firms.

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Better Serve Your Clients by Optimising Your IT Environment

Most accountants trade on being reliable and efficient. The accountancy firms we work with have exactly the same requirement of our IT support, and we don’t disappoint them.

We can provide highly effective IT support for accountants, including day-to-day support for accountancy-specific software such as Sage. This means that you can turn to a single supplier for all of your IT and software requirement.


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Remote IT

Managed IT Support for


The technological transformation of the industry has put a demand on companies to ensure that their IT infrastructure is optimised to ensure they can stay competitive in this rapidly changing industry. Since starting operation in 2004, We have built a solid reputation as a trusted ICT partner to businesses across many sectors including the Finance Sector. We provide a full range of Managed IT and Managed Security services, which allows you to maximise the productivity and effectiveness of your ongoing IT investment. 

It’s essential that your IT Support company can keep up with your demands and that of your industry. We understand that you work in a fast-paced industry and require immediate support to help fix any issues whenever and wherever they happen. 

IT support fpr accountants
IT Support for accountants

Ensure Maximum Business

Productivity &


Although we provide excellent reactive IT support, we also add value through our IT management solutions and a team of experienced technicians who proactively monitor, update, and maintain systems to ensure maximum business productivity and security.

Our service, solutions and knowledge provide you with a full peace of mind from an IT point of view, allowing your business and staff to focus on core activities.


What Nuatech can do for you

Nuatech understands that for accountants, every minute counts, in the fast-paced environments, you operate in. Our IT support services for accountants handle any technical issues you face within minutes so you can focus on the matter at hand.understands that every minute counts in your industry. Our IT support services handle any technical issues you face within minutes so you can focus on the matter at hand. You Call-We Connect-We Resolve

Accounting firms today, face an unprecedented amount of data vulnerability. We are highly adept at helping your firm to secure client data with a variety of Data backup and recovery services.

Your business has the potential to take you anywhere. At Nuatech, we ensure that when you are on the go, your documents and data are accessible where you want them and when you want them.

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