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7 Benefits of Email Signature Management

Emails play a big part in how you run your business with hundreds, if not thousands of emails sent every day by your team. Your email signature is a business card right there at the bottom of every email you send but unlike a business card it gets seen by more people and can do a whole lot more. Have you ever admired the email signature of one of your suppliers or customers and wondered how they get it to look so smart? Chances are that they’ve engaged the services of an email signature management provider. A managed email signature helps to shape your corporate identity, represent your company and promote your events and websites without any active campaigning. They are dynamic and can be set up to be unique for each person or each department. They are also a great tool for your marketing team who can use email signatures to promote social media accounts, sign-ups or active campaigns. Your web portal analytics gives you excellent insights into the signature engagement. At we use xink email signature management solutions and while I’m sure most providers have similar functionality and services, the benefits listed below are based on our experience with this service.


Here are the top 7 benefits of email signature management.

1. A consistent style of company email signature

It can be difficult to maintain consistency in your emails and promotions and it can be a challenge to ensure that information is up-to-date or necessary disclaimers are in place when they need to be. Using a managed email signature solutions can eliminate inconsistencies in your brand and communicate a sense of professionalism and trust to the recipients of your emails.


2. Different and dynamic signatures for different roles or departments

While you want to achieve a level of consistency across your brand, not every email signature needs to be the same. For example, your sales team would likely need to have their mobile number included in the signature while senior management may not. You can also set up several signatures for each person that contains different information to be used depending on the nature or recipient of the email.  


3. Centralised email signature management

One of the biggest advantages of a managed email signature is that you have full control over it. You can quickly create and manage email signatures via the provider’s web portal that allows you to integrate your email signatures with popular mail clients such as Outlook and Gmail. From within the portal, you can also allow employees to update certain information within their own signatures via role-based access control


4. Great tool for marketing

Your marketing team are always looking for new tools to help them grow your brand and increase engagement with their campaigns. Benefits for your marketing team include

  • Grow social channels with engaging links.
  • Boost mailing lists with links to your sign-up page.
  • Promote ongoing campaigns via the email signature’s text and images.

5. Consistency across devices

Email signatures can look vastly different depending on the device the recipient is using and so it’s important that they present the same way across all devices. When not sitting at their desks your intended email recipients are likely to check their emails on their mobile devices and so you want your signatures to look just as good on a mobile device as they do on a desktop. The statistics from within the portal will tell you what types of devices your emails are being opened on and if you find that the majority of your emails are opened on mobile devices then you should adopt a mobile-first strategy.


6. Legal compliance

It’s imperative to practice sound and ethical email signature management within a company. In order to guarantee compliance with the law, you must enforce legal disclaimers that are up to date. Email systems are not so equipped to achieve full disclaimer compliance so using centralised email management service are a great way to ensure that your email signatures are compliant in accordance with the laws of the land and GDPR. 


7. Capture data from email signatures

Data-driven decision making is at the core of the modern business and many of the digital tools you employ provide you with invaluable insights. Your email signature management portal is no different. From within the portal, you will get information on:

  • How many people viewed your email.
  • What are the click-throughs and click-through rates.
  • How are your campaigns performing.
  • Top-performing email senders.
  • What email client and operating systems are most used by your recipients.

Email signature management is a cost-effective way to ensure that you can maintain a high level of brand consistency across all your emails and help shape your corporate identity. Email signatures are simple to design and edit and provide great insights to management and marketing. If you are interested in trying xink to manage your email signatures, you can have a no-commitment 2-week free trial. Just email sales at and one of our dedicated team will be in touch to set it up.