4 Common Business Challenges That MSPs Can Help Solve

Challenges are not only inevitable in business but as it turns out, necessary. Commerce exists because of them with almost every business predicated on the need to address the challenges of others and in turn, requires others to address theirs. The growth of information technology over the last 30 + years has created incredible opportunities but also brought with them new challenges.

The role of an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP), such as Nuatech is to address the unique challenges technology brings to your business and enable you to use that same technology to improve business processes and develop more opportunities. Depending on the nature of your business, the challenges you face may be unique to your situation or the industry you operate in. The following four challenges are not unique to any single business entity or industry but broadly reflect the shared challenges businesses face today.

1. Time Challenge – Unless you’re a large company with a dedicated IT department, you’re going to find that you are spending more and more of your time managing or even fixing IT issues that are taking you away from your core roles and responsibilities. When you employ an MSP such as Nuatech, the first challenge we solve is giving you back your precious time. Not only will you get your time back, but you’ll also get a fully developed IT department, at your disposal.     

2. Performance Challenge – When your IT isn’t working then your team isn’t performing. IT isn’t simply a few computers, it’s a complete ecosystem of technology and cloud solutions your business requires to simply exist. These technologies or IT solutions are meant to help your business run more efficiently and effectively but when not performing at their optimal best, can result in poor performance across your entire organisation. In the past, you would call the local computer repair company to fix the problem and very often they did this very effectively. However, it wasn’t proactive support. It was reactive and generally looked at the ad-hoc issues and not overall performance. Your IT MSP should proactively monitor and maintain your IT systems to ensure they’re working at their best, at all times. Furthermore, you should have regular and ongoing engagement with your MSP to ensure you are fully informed of best-practice and emerging IT trends.

3. Cyber Security Challenge – One of the greatest challenges faced by businesses today are the threats of a cyber-attack and the impact they could have on your business operations as well as your reputation. Data is one of your most valuable commodities and most often the target of a cyber-attack. It has been shown that a serious data breach, whereby the data is not recovered, can result in a business ceasing operations after no more than six months. Even if you recover the data, the reputational damage could be just as severe. When you engage with an IT MSP, they evaluate your existing security posture, identify gaps in your defences and propose and implement a multi-layered approach to greatly mitigate your chances of attack. At Nuatech we can do all this and more. We can also help you to build a strong culture of cyber security in your organisation with our fully automated Cyber Awareness Training solutions that incorporate both continuous cyber training and also tests your team with simulated phishing attacks.      

4. Change Challenge – Businesses change, needs change and technology changes. Change is inevitable and necessary for your business to grow. This often means that you need something different from your MSP. You need an IT partner that can easily adapt, provide the essential knowledge you need and help make the change happen smoothly and effectively to ensure your business thrives in a changing world. Since the founding of our parent company IT.ie back in 2004, we have continually adapted to change; we push ourselves to consistently offer the latest proven technologies and understand the impact business change has on IT needs. 

The challenges I have highlighted here are just some of the key challenges faced by businesses today that your IT MSP should be able to assist you with. Every business is different as are the challenges you face, and you need to make sure you partner with a provider that understands the challenges that are unique to your business. 

If you would like to know more about how Nuatech can help you with your business challenges, please email hello@nuatech.uk or call +44 161 710 1729.

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