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Designed by teachers, for teachers, IMPACT Plus is more than just an interactive touchscreen, it delivers a truly intuitive and collaborative experience. Feature-rich, with solutions for free teachers from the constraints of the restrictive traditional classroom. Make lessons extraordinary with the new IMPACT Plus.

Inspiring Classroom Experiences

As the need grows for more collaborative learning spaces, so does the demand for technology in the classroom. The Clevertouch Ecosystem enables today’s teaching professionals to focus their valuable time on creating life changing learning experiences, with seamless technology that is as simple to operate as it is dynamic. Transform a lesson into an extraordinary event, empower students to interact, and discover the impact of immersive learning with the Clevertouch digital classroom.

Decades of Experience

We decided to partner with Clevertouch because nobody is better when it comes to interactive technology in the classroom. Clevertouch employs a team of former teachers with decades of experience and who are now using that expertise to help schools improve the experience for both the teachers and the students. 

Powerful and feature rich – IMPACT Plus Gen 2 is designed for today's classroom

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A Revolution in Teaching

Although technology has been making its way into the classroom for years, it hasn’t always come in a user-friendly package. That’s changing with the Clevertouch, an extremely versatile, interactive display that gives educators a wealth of new tools to work with. And the unifying approach to all these tools and features is usability. Every piece of software and every application is designed to be as simple to use as possible. In fact, the Clevertouch is so simple that most educators need very little, if any, training time, which means they can access every feature right away. But usability is only one element of the Clevertouch..

Some of the Features

Infinity Whiteboarding
Never run out of space with our infinite canvas. With numeracy tools, handwriting tools, text recognition, and the ability to insert images and shapes, all of which can be saved, printed or shared to student devices.
Access hundreds of free teaching apps to make lessons more engaging.
Cloud Account
Sync with your Cloud accounts so that you can work anywhere at any time.
Clever Account Profile with NFC
With an NFC sensor built into the bezel, just tap your NFC card on the bottom of the screen to instantly log in to your profile.
Security Matters
We know how important it is to be secure, so we’ve got lots of options for you to keep control of your device. Clevertouch can run on-or-off the network. Settings, apps, and Android can all be disabled. Data can be wiped at the end of a session and the screen can be locked with a secure passcode.
High Precision Technology
Our patented Super Glide Touch technology offers the most fluid writing experience on a touchscreen. It’s as smooth as writing on a whiteboard – with no lag. With the ability to differentiate between palm-erase, fingertouch, and stylus-writing, there’s no need to change settings mid-flow.

Why Choose Clevertouch?

Interactive displays aren’t new to the classroom, though most schools still rely on projectors to deliver lessons. And if those projectors are working, why make the shift to Clevertouch? Let’s address the functional differences between a projector and a display first, and then zero in on why the Clevertouch stands out among other interactive displays.

Projectors have long been a favourite option, mostly due to their affordability. But interactive displays have nearly caught up to projectors in this area, and displays also offer the following: 

01 - No Glare or Shadow

With projectors, the image is, well, projected toward the speaker. As such, the speaker will screen out part of the image with their shadow, and they will have to deal with the bright light from the projector. While this may seem like just a nuisance, if students can't see the presentation, they will tune it out..

02 - Fewer Replacement Issues

Projector bulbs are notorious for their short life and must be replaced every 3,000 to 4,000 hours. Interactive displays can go much, much longer, and can usually provide up to 50,000 hours of performance before requiring replacement.

03 - Better Picture

Interactive displays can scale up to an incredible degree, allowing teachers to take full advantage of HD video and images. Projectors that are comparable in price lag in this area, and though there are projectors that can offer high resolutions, they tend to cost more.

Get everyone involved with whole-class learning

Clevertouch offers the original progressive front of classroom interactive display. Designed by teachers for teachers, IMPACT Plus is more than just an interactive display – it’s a collaborative touch screen experience to allow the thinkers of tomorrow to learn dynamically.

The range of sizes allows touchscreen-enhanced lessons to be delivered in any teaching facility, with free resources to compel educators to go beyond the norm: wireless technology, faultless functionality, and seamless connectivity. Our systems and software are coherent with international learning frameworks for streamlined, efficient teaching.

Robust Technology for High Demand Teaching

We know that schools are vibrant, busy, and fast-paced environments – and your technology needs to stand up to the rigours of daily use.

Our technology is designed to consistently deliver extraordinary learning experiences in line with standardised curriculums, and as such are tough, robust, and secure. With the Clevertouch warranty, you invest not just in technology that amplifies learning experiences, but in outstanding resources to support generations to come.

Go beyond the classroom

Hybrid education is the future, with an increasing number of schools and colleges developing curriculums for distance learning. Teaching is done in real-time, no matter the location of the student.

At Clevertouch Technologies, we are meeting the demand for high-powered education technology that supports distance learning, allowing teachers to work from anywhere, and students to learn at home or in the classroom.



Create interactive activities for your class, or join the online Lessons Community to download activities that others have created.


Lynx and lesson planning software allows teachers to create multi-page lessons with embedded media. Use with a connected computer, or in the Lynx app.

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