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Clevertouch UX Pro 2

Powerful and feature-rich 4k touchscreen

Full range of sizes:  65″ 4K  | 75″ 4K | 86″ 4K


Let the ideas flow without interruptions. Meet in huddle spaces, meeting rooms, or have colleagues call in remotely to share your screen. No wires, no waiting, no fuss. Share content from any device, on any platform, and use all the programs, software, and apps that your business relies on. Increase productivity and make your meetings more fluid.

Transform the way you do business with UX Pro – designed for a truly collaborative experience

 65″4K   |   75″4K   |   86″4K

Ease of Use


With AirServer you can mirror content from your personal device to the Clevertouch panel without needing to download an app.

Annotate &


With Super Glide Touch technology and palm rejection for a pen-to-paper style writing experience, UX Pro can elevate any meeting. Annotate over any document, brainstorm securely, and save your meeting notes to return to another day.


Mirror content from any device

With Clevershare you can use Chromecast, AirPlay, or MiraCast to share content from any device to your UX Pro display. Six users can display content simultaneously and you can mirror-back to four devices. Or download the Clevershare app, or use the Clevershare 3 dongle for additional touch-back controls.


Elevate your office experience

CleverMessage delivers digital signage to your UX Pro when it isn’t being used in a meeting. Sync with your company calendars to display the day’s timetable or book and manage your office spaces. Share company news, latest information, and daily updates, as well as emergency alerts.

Remote Management

Control everything from anywhere

IT departments & administrators can take control, without needing to leave their office. Link your entire fleet of UX Pro displays to your Remote Management MDM account so that you can control them from anywhere.

PC Modules

For ultimate power and performance

Upgrade to the latest Windows 10Pro intel® OPS module. Powered by the 8th generation Intel® Core™ CPU with a choice of i5 and i7 energy-efficient options. With integrated Intel® HD Graphics 620, up to 16GB RAM, and SSD storage, performance is there when you need it.

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